Posted on July 31, 2013
Hello, I’m Oliver and I’m an actor and classically trained singer. I graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Music and then decided that I’d prefer to spend the next ten years not using any of that and instead I wrote my own songs and toured the country as a singer/songwriter, and covers singer.  All of this experience, hard work, fun, and mainly socialising culminated in me being signed to a London based artist development company called  ‘Inception productions’. During this period of two years I co-wrote songs with double platinum producer Ryan Laubscher and waist talks with major record labels when it dawned on me I’d been chasing a dream I thought i wanted from being young…to be a signed singer…but as I looked around at the music industry I saw once I’d got there, I did; like it one bit. And so I left to give myself a fighting chance to finding out what I really, actually well and truly loved…the thing I’d do for no money anyway… And that is when I knew I was meant to be an actor. So if the music industry part of my life is a failure…then its the best failure of my life.
Right now I have gained experience in short films, one of which (my first ever acting to camera in fact) “Leaves In Fall” just won the award for the Best Student Short, at the LA Femme Film Festival in LA (October 2015).
And I’ve been involved in many theatre productions, learning as I go from other actors, and directors, and immersing myself in the whole world of drama, which if you’re not that way inclined sounds awful to listen to someone bleating on about it from the outside…but the truth is I love it and will be doing for the rest of my life paid or not.
Watch this space…. 😉