2018: A Year of Transformation

This year I finish my time at Drama Centre London. No two actors are the same, and the paths we take in the industry will vary just as much. I have finished Drama school at the age of 38. My path into the industry has been organic (for want of a better word), through drama, music, singing and songwriting.

One of the benefits of getting a bit older is that many of the previous chapters of my life which I once saw as separate, now begin to form something of a consistent direction. I’ve been signed to a record label, been the leader of an orchestra, sung Classically, Musical Theatre, and stripped down acoustic. As well as building a career on the stage in local theatre productions, with Bristol Tobacco factory Theatre, York Theatre Royal, and Vincent Regan’s East Riding Theatre forming much of this work to date.

For me, if I could possibly define any talent I have, it would be my creative brain. Regardless of the pathway I find to express this creativity, it is a natural in-built, visual, and colourful imagination that I bring to playing the violin, drawing, writing lyrics, or acting.

There is a showcase to take place in January and then a career to build. I’m pleased to say that I have been off to a good start already this new year by securing a job on an advert, and a casting for a play in this first week of January. I’m very excited to take the next steps in my career

My reasons for going to Drama Centre were to deeply look at my techniques and even myself, in order to further develop skills I can now begin to work on for the rest of my life. I owe Drama Centre much in just how rigorous, transformative and empowering the training has been. Equipped is a word that springs to mind as I try to articulate the confidence and renewed enthusiasm I have been lucky enough to gain over the course of my time there.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.