The Next Few Steps:

Posted on August 28, 2013

Dear supporters,

As you will be aware, I have focused much of my efforts on one particular side of my performing abilities for the last few years. Specifically I have been writing and performing original songs, in the pursuit of a major record label deal.

I have for the last eighteen months been signed to Inception Productions; a small record label and artist development company based in London. During this time I co-wrote songs with double platinum producer Ryan Laubscher and had talks with major record labels.
While this remains a life long goal of mine, I decided to part ways with Inception Productions recently, in order to regain the integrity and love of performing that started me on this journey as a young boy.

The next step in my evolution as a performer is to open up my talents to new and exciting opportunities, that being focused on one sole aim leads one to put aside temporarily. Namely, acting, musical theatre, and comedy. Of course, song-writing is part of me and the act of picking up a guitar and singing acoustically to an audience, will always be a call that as a musician I will never not be able to answer.

However, I am really excited now to look forward to including everything about me as a person and a performer, that I think has any merit, and to see where this takes me in my career. It is imperative in any industry as competitive as the performing world, to hold on to the enjoyment, playfulness, fun, and dare I say it, love of the creative process, that got you into it in the first place. Whatever happens next, I have regained that integrity and sense of fun, and I look forward to showcasing the full extent of my quirky, unique, trained and untrained abilities, in whatever capacity the opportunities come. I make a promise to myself here and now, that I will carry that sense of fun with me into every audition, job and project I am ever lucky enough to be involved with. Of course, this sense of fun exists under the umbrella of professionalism. That should never be at the expense of performing with passion, excitement and hunger for the art itself, though. 

Therefore, my website is about to become a showcase for many and varied elements of performance. From traditional musical theatre songs, to vlogs of comedy & dramatic monologues. New original songs, lyrics, sketches, blogs and more. 

Watch this space:

Yours sincerely, 

Oliver J Brooke.